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Delores Fenwick Nature Center

Picture from the Pearland Parks and Recreation Webpage, not property of The Mind Body Lab

Check out our incredible Nature Explorers and our Nature STEM Club!! Classes are now being offered as the first program to be offered in the new Delores Fenwick Nature Center in Pearland!

Classes are on Wednesdays 

Nature Explorers

Join us as we explore our natural world at the Delores Finwick Nature Center. In these STEM inspired classes students, ages 4-7, will learn about our environment, and its inhabitants, and work with their imaginations and hands-on activities as they read, learn, explore, and craft. Each week features a new, exciting theme that will engage the children in a multitude of ways. These drop-off classes are also inclusive for those with disabilities.

Classes are 9:30-10:15 am

Register at: https://apm.activecommunities.com/pearland/Activity_Search?txtActivitySearch=explorers&applyFiltersDefaultValue=true&cat=Activities

Nature STEM Club for Homeschoolers

Calling all homeschoolers, ages 7-11, do you want to know about the world around us? In these classes, children will learn, think, engineer, and invent while exploring about our diverse planet. Each week features a new lesson, covering subjects like physics, engineering, architecture, biology, chemistry, mathematics, nature, and much more! These drop-off classes are inclusive for those with disabilities.

Classes are 11-12 pm

Register at: https://apm.activecommunities.com/pearland/Activity_Search?txtActivitySearch=Nature%20STEM&applyFiltersDefaultValue=true&cat=Activities

Kids yoga

Our Yoga classes are fun and playful and include breathing instruction, relaxation, stretching, and strengthening poses, complete with music, games, and lots of imagination! The idea is keeping everything playful which will keep your child motivated and moving! Is your child ready to sing, dance, skip, march, laugh, hop, and listen to stories as we practice yoga? Then get signed up today!

Classes are 1-2 pm

Register at: https://apm.activecommunities.com/pearland/Activity_Search?txtActivitySearch=kids%20yoga&applyFiltersDefaultValue=true&cat=Activities

Registration is through Pearland Parks and Recreation.