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Junior High STEM Club

Are you looking for an incredible STEM class for you 11-13 year old? Are you wanting your child to learn from hands on experiences, design new things, and to learn how to work with others? The Mind Body Lab offers incredible classes and exciting opportunities to learn, think, engineer, and invent!  Each class is different, covering subjects like physics, engineering, architecture, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and much more. Join us and learn in a fun and engaging way! More classes will be added throughout the semester. 


Students are expected to attend this class on their own.

Classes are Mondays at 10:30-11:30 am. 

Classes are $15.50

Classes are held at The Artaway:

 100 E Nasa Pkwy #309, Webster, Texas 77598



On Target- Your students will be in charge of launching a spacecraft to the moon, but will they hit their target?

30th: STEM in History: India: Monsoons and Stupas



Design a Crew Exploration Vehicle-Will your vehicle be capable of transporting humans to the moon? Mars?


STEM in History: Mesopotamia: A study of Ziggurat temples, with a twist, we are adding a maze! 

More classes will be announced soon!!